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Matthew Embry

On the evening of Thursday, September 10, 2015 at the Local’s Monthly Membership Meeting, upon the resignation of Nicholas E. Hawkins, Matthew Embry was sworn in as President of CWA Local 3310.

He was previously elected in 2014 to serve as the Local’s 1st Vice-President (in charge of grievances), but had served in that role since the resignation of Diogenes Miller, in March of 2013. Matt was appointed by the Local’s Executive Board and approved by the Membership to take over as 1st Vice-President, but also served as the Local’s 2nd Vice President (in charge of Organizing) after being elected and taking that office on January 1, 2012.

Prior to 2012, Matt was elected to and served a three year term as Local Secretary. He has been a certified Steward of the Local since 2009 and has also served as the Local’s webmaster and the Chair of Local 3310’s Membership, Mobilization, Building, and By-Laws Committees. He has completed CWA’s 1st & 2nd Year Leadersip Schools and the AFL-CIO’s Organizing Institute Training. Matt currently holds the title of Facility Technician, but was formerly a Service Technician from September of 2000 until February of 2015.