Wire Tech Overtime Calculations

July 18, 2016

The following update was received from the CWA District 3 Office regarding the calculation of overtime pay for Wire Technicians.

During 2015 negotiations with AT&T, we were successful in securing language for members who work under the U-Verse Field Operations Network Addendum, to allow for Holiday hours worked, PDOs, Sunday hours worked, and absences for Union Business (Paid or Unpaid) to count towards the 40 hour build up for overtime pay. The implementation date for this language was 01/01/2016. This change in overtime calculation required the Company to re-program their payroll software.

Today we received notice from the Company that the re-programming has been completed. Members will be compensated under the new calculation, beginning with their paycheck dated 08/12/2016 and will receive retroactive pay back to 01/01/2016.