2018 3rd Qtr Upfront SIPP Offering: TFS & IEFS

June 8, 2018


Today, the Local received a notification from our District 3 Office informing us that AT&T will be offering an Upfront SIPP offer to up to 2 Electronic Technicians and 2 Services Technicians in the Louisville exchange.  The Company is also offering a voluntary surplus of up to 1 Wire Technician from each work center in the Louisville exchange.  These reductions in headcount have NOT been mandated at this time.  Any acceptance of these offerings may lead to forfeiture of any claims for unemployment compensation, as they are completely voluntary.  If you are curious about what the amount of compensation would be for accepting one of these offers, tables indicating these amounts can be found in the collective bargained agreement on page 119 for STs and ETs and on page 340 for WTs.  Termination pay will not be paid in conjunction with any of these offerings.  Meetings are set to occur between today and Tuesday of next week to inform employees of these Company offerings.  Any member with questions about these offerings should contact their Local Job Steward.  Any Local Job Steward with questions about these offerings should contact either the Local President or one of the Local’s Vice-presidents.  If you are unable to reach a steward or officer directly, please try calling our Local office at (502) 448-8998.  Any messages left on the Local’s voice mail system will be returned as soon as possible.  Additional informational resources can be accessed by clicking on each hyperlink that is listed below.

IEFS Voluntary Surplus Offer

BST/TFS (Mountain Shores) Offer

BST/TFS (Non-Mountain Shores) Offer