Update: Release of the TKT II test

August 30, 2017


Earlier today, a text blast was sent out to members who subscribe to our RainedOut texting service.  The text was directed towards members who have applied for the most recent posting of a vacancy in the title of Electronic Technician (ET).  When this posting went up, the Local received several calls regarding this vacancy, so we understand that there are many members who are interested in filling this position.

Recently, the Local received a memo stating that the test requirements would be changing for this particular title.  Originally, candidates who apply for a vacancy in the title of ET were required to pass the Basic Electricity, Basic Electronics, and DCCL exams in order to be considered for the vacancy.  The Company has notified the CWA that this requirement would be changing as of September 5, 2017.  The new requirement will be the successful completion of the TKT II test, which is a compilation of the previous three tests.  Along with the release of this new test, the Company also stated that some individuals would be exempt from having to acquire a passing score on this new test.  Those individuals are as follows.

  • Candidates who are qualified on the current Basic Electricity, Basic Electronics and DCCL tests (all three) will be exempt and remain qualified on the TKT II
  • Employees in a job title that requires the new test will be exempt from the test.  This includes titles that previously only required Basic Electricity and Basic Electronics, which are listed below:


  1. Communications Technician
  2. Digital Technician
  3. Systems Technician
  4. Technical Consultant
  5. Testing Technician


  • Employees who have satisfactorily performed a job for which the test is a requirement for 6 consecutive months or longer in the past 5 years.

*All exemptions apply only to internal candidates and to external candidates with Recall Rights, Rehire Rights, or under the CSE Section of the NTP Agreement.

Yesterday, a new memo was released stating that AT&T Labor had notified CWA that “due to the ongoing surplus for the 3rd quarter and the timing of the implementation for the TKT II, the grandfathering/test exemptions will take place immediately.  This should clear up any confusion on the required testing for surplus employees.”  This new memo only applies to the exemptions granted as indicated above.  Members who do not qualify for any of these exemptions will need to pass all three of the tests that are required at this time.

If any new information is released, the Local will post this information as soon as possible.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the Local at (502) 448-8998.