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The stewards of a local play a vital role in the success of a union. They are members who make a conscious choice to stand up and be a leader amongst their peers. The duties of all Local 3310 Job Stewards are broadly defined in ARTICLE XII, section H of the Local’s By-laws and they read as follows.

(H) Duties of the Local Job Stewards:

  1. The Local Stewards shall work under the direction of the Local President and/or Executive Board and shall perform such duties as assigned by the Local President, the Executive Board and/or the Local membership.

  2. The Local shall have as many stewards as may be appointed by the Local Executive Board with approval of the Local membership.

  3. They shall be required to attend appropriate training schools and participate in all Union programs

Job Stewards are charged with many important responsibilities. One of which, is to a be an advocate for their fellow members in situations that may affect a member’s personal working conditions, such as an investigatory meeting with management. It must be noted that it is not the Company’s responsibility to provide a member with a representative unless the member asks for one.

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