Local Nominations for the 2018-2020 Term

September 13, 2017


In accordance with our Local’s By-Laws, on this Thursday, we will hold nominations for candidates who wish to run for the offices of President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Upon being nominated, the nominee must be present at the meeting or must have mailed a letter  to the Local 3310 office and it must be received and date stamped by the day of nominations.  A nominee must be a dues paying member of CWA Local 3310 and may only accept one nomination to any of the offices being considered in the election.  If only one candidate is nominated for an office, they will be elected by acclimation to the office to which they are nominated.  If more than one candidate is nominated for an office, the election shall be decided by a mailed balloting of the entire membership.  If multiple candidates are seeking election to the same office, the winner shall be declared if a candidate receives a majority of the votes cast.  If no nominee receives greater than 50% of the vote on the first ballot, the vote shall be taken again and the two nominees having the greatest number of votes on the first ballot shall be nominees on the second ballot.

To better inform the membership of who each candidate running for office is, included with your mailed ballot will be a biography of each candidate.  It will be the responsibility of each candidate to complete the biography and submit it to the local by no later than Monday, September 18, by 9:00 am in order to be included with the balloting.  If you are currently a dues paying member and intend on running for one of the offices mentioned above, you may go ahead and submit your biography at this time.  Biographies will be submitted by following the link below and entering them from the Local’s website.

Should you have any questions about the upcoming election, please call us at the Local office @ 502-448-8998.  Good luck to all of the candidates!