AT&T Mobility Members: It’s Time To Organize!

August 31, 2017




Would you like to be on the front lines, helping to build power for workers in the wireless industry? Do you have what it takes to help organize in the non-union wireless industry?

Our union gives us the power to fight back against AT&T’s near constant effort to degrade our jobs and our working conditions. However, the fact is that non-union companies put downward pressure on our wages and benefits. To lift up the entire wireless industry, we must help our non-union brothers and sisters organize.

CWA is looking for the most motivated, effective, and hard working ATTM members to join a highly committed Organizing Brigade. This Brigade will lead the fight to organize other wireless companies. In order to join the brigade, we will have an intensive training for those interested, and will select Brigade members based on performance in the training and initial assignments.



o Work long hours — you will be taken off the job regularly to do this work, but you will also be asked to work flexible hours outside your normal schedule

o Travel by air and car (must have driver’s license)

o Get trained by seasoned organizers on the CWA Organizing Model

o Follow up with non-union workers who are interested in organizing

o Find CWA members who have friends or family that work in non-union wireless companies and develop those contacts into organizing leads

o Meet, build relationships with and organize non-union wireless workers


Follow the link below to download your application and submit it to  your local’s president.

Mobility Organizing Brigade