2017 Officer Elections Update

September 22, 2017


On Tuesday, September 19, ballots were mailed by the Local’s Election Committee.  By the end of today, all members should have received their ballots.  Contained in the envelopes sent out, members will find a 2 page flyer that gives details about each candidate that is running in this election.  Also, members will find voting instructions and their election ballot that is printed on an 8 1/2″ x 14″ (legal) piece of paper.  They will also find two envelopes.  Once the ballot is completed, it should be placed into the envelope marked SECRET BALLOT.  This envelope should then be placed in the postage paid return envelope that has the member’s identifying information affixed to the back.  Once sealed, the envelope should be placed in a mailbox that is serviced by the United States Postal Service.

Ballots that are mailed back to the Local are received in a P.O. box to insure that the ballots are secured and separate from all other Local correspondence.  The Chair of the Election Committee holds the key to this P.O. box any only checks it on designated days when accompanied by another member of the committee.  Ballots are then brought back to the Local where Election Committee members then alphabetize the envelopes. Next, the committee counter checks each envelope against a member roster, much like the process in governmental elections when you present your ID and sign your name before receiving your ballot.  After insuring that all envelops have been returned unspoiled (not tampered with) and verified as received from eligible voting members, the envelopes are then opened and separated from the secret ballot envelopes.  The opened return envelopes and secret ballot envelopes are then counted and compared to ensure that all ballots are accounted for.  The opened return envelopes are then secured separately and kept for validation purposes.  Next, the secret ballot envelopes are opened and the ballots are separated from their envelopes.  Again, each piece is counted to ensure that the number of ballots are equal to the number of secret ballot envelopes.  The opened secret ballot envelops are then secured in the same manner as the return envelopes.  Then beginning with the race of President, each ballot is sorted by each candidate and then double checked for accuracy.  The number of ballots are then counted for each candidate and the results recorded by the Election Committee Chair.  The process is then repeated for each office that is being voted on.  After all votes have been tallied, all ballots are secured with all other materials used to conduct the election, along with the recorded totals.  To affirm the election results, each member of the committee, present and responsible for tallying the ballots, signs the official count.  The results of the election is then communicated to each candidate.  The results will be reported by the Election Committee Chair at the following Membership Meeting.

Should you have any questions about the election, please call us at the Local office @ 502-448-8998.  Good luck to all of the candidates!